Tomy Digital Derby Auto Raceway

Digital Derby Auto Raceway

Released in 1978 Derby Auto Raceway really wasn’t a digital game to be exact, its a mechanical game, but a handheld game nonetheless. Back before the Gameboy and the Coleco Tabletops, we had crap like this. Today it looks like a bathroom scale, but back then it was hi-tech shit. Use the steering wheel to dodge in and out of traffic, get caught, and your car flashes red and an awful screeching sound pierces your ears, but damn was it cool back then. Look at your lap counter, find yourself behind and kick it up a gear by shifting the little lever on the side. Holy shit you’re now in hyperdrive, watch out for that plastic car in front of you.

Retro Gaming junkie who grew up in the early 80's playing classic arcade, console and PC games. Lived through each generation of video gaming history, and I continue to play the classics today.

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