Nintendo 64 Launch Day

Nintendo 64 Launch DayNintendo 64 Launch Day

The Nintendo 64 dropped in September of 1996, and at that time you weren’t sure what to expect. This was Nintendo’s first black colored console and it came with this weird ass grey controller that really didn’t look very cool. What was Nintendo thinking? But if you were coming from a Genesis or Super Nintendo you were ready for something new, and Nintendo most certainly brought their A game when they released what now may be considered one of the most influential consoles in history.


The Box Art is pretty impressive, Mario looked totally different then ever before. A new 3D feel that almost seemed too ahead of its time. Nintendo claimed before launch that the N64 was able to jump two generations in console technology. I will let you determine if that statement is true or not on your own, nonetheless the N64 made further advancements including a four controller input, which was a step up from its predecessor and a revolutionized thumbstick that changed gaming history. The D-Pad was the standard for gaming in the late 80′s, early 90′s, but Nintendo gambled on a new thumbstick control that would allow for a larger range of motion and control, ideal for 3D environments. The gamble paid off and the thumbstick ultimately became the standard for all future gaming controllers.


What would a console be without it’s games? Nintendo hit a Home Run when it released Mario 64 on Launch Day. The game was way ahead of it’s time, and the first to introduce an open world 3D environment. Nintendo’s 3D approach gave the characters more personality, “It’s a me, Mario!” Each new level introduced new challenges that just weren’t present in the previous generation 2D platformers, it was something totally new and completely awesome. The N64 will go down in history as one of the most influential systems ever to be produced, and it’s hard to argue against it.

Fun N64 Facts:
- The last commercial cartridge based console to be produced.
- 1/3rd of all N64 owners bought Super Mario 64.
- Mario 64 was originally planned for SNES using an enhanced SuperFX chip.

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