Mario 64 Multiplayer Hack

Multiplayer Mario 64

Yes, your favorite N64 title has now been recreated with multiplayer support. Does it get any better than this? Obviously Not… Nintendo actually developed the game with multiplayer support, but ended up shipping the games with only single player mode. This hack unlocks the coop mode and allows multiplayer support throughout the entirety of the game.

So this game isn’t running on the original hardware, Al Gore wasn’t around at that time, so we didn’t have the internets to power such a game. But today that’s all changed, we now have the technology and the geeks to get this shit done, and all I can say is thank you Skelux for making this happen.

Here’s what you need:
The Emulator: Project64
The Rom: Mario 64 Multiplayer Rom
Controller Support: Xbox 360 Controller Driver

For more information, and Skelux’s next project Super Mario Star Road go here

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