Coleco Tabletops History

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Coleco Tabletops launched in 1982, Coleco introduced the tabletop Mini-Arcades. Designed to replicate the true cabinets found at your local Arcade. Coleco was able to produce a number of collectible titles including, Donkey Kong, Pac Man, Zaxxon and Galaxian. Most of the ports weren’t very successful at emulating their Arcade counterparts, Galaxian only had reasonable success. Pac-Man, Galaxian, Donkey Kong, and Frogger, sold approximately three million units within a year and in 1983, they released three more Mini-Arcades: for Ms. Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Junior, and Zaxxon. Originally sold for $59.97 at Toys R Us, they now fetch anywhere from a $100 to $400 on eBay depending on the condition and if comes with the original box. Go grab one of these bad boys before they get chomped up.

Donkey Kong and Pac Man in in Warner Bros 1984 Gremlins and 1983 National Lampoon’s Vacation

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