Rules for Co-Op Gaming

Rules for Co-Op GamingRules for Co-Op Gaming

There’s nothing better than getting together with your best friend and booting up a local co-op game to beat together. But there’s some rules you need to follow so that your buddy doesn’t go home thinking you’re a total douchebag. Here’s some general rules to follow next time you and your friend load up Contra on the NES. Please let us know some of your rules and leave a comment below.

captain commandoPLAYER CHOICE:
When choosing a character for co-op games it’s best to ask your buddy who they prefer to play with first. If your friend has a favorite character, or prefers a certain attribute, its best to let them choose that character. It’s better to utilize your teammates strengths rather than fighting over the best character. Once your friend’s chosen their character you will want to grab a player who will compliment your friend’s character the best.

sacred citadelCHARACTER CLASSES:
It’s great when a game gives you the option to choose different classes, so it’s best to work with your teammate on determining which class is right for you and how to maximize both players skills together. Don’t choose the same player class and expect a unique experience. Instead try to choose classes that compliment each other. It’s a lot more rewarding to beat a level with your teammate when you’re both utilizing your individual sills.

Not always possible, but when you can, try and complete each level as a team rather than having one player do all the missions on their own. Yeah maybe your buddy isn’t all that great, and you can beat the level without even dying but your friend needs some help. If you’re the pro, it’s your job to help coach your friend the basic mechanics of the game. The sooner you help your friend the more fun you’ll have beating the game.

bionic commando rearmedOBSTACLES:
No one likes taking the backseat and being stuck watching their superior gamer friend take on each new obstacle and puzzle on their own. It’s annoying as hell, and sitting there not learning shit makes for an awful experience. Not only do you fall behind quickly but the game just loses all it’s fun. So if you’re that asshole who isn’t helping your buddy through each challenging level you might find yourself playing a lot more single player campaigns in the future.

mario bros wiiEXPLORATION:
With most games, each new level contains hidden items and bonus’s. If you’re a hardcore gamer you’re most likely going to want to spend a good part of your time finding these items and boosting your statistics. But if you’re not very patient this may get under your skin pretty quickly. Try and find a happy medium where you and your buddy aren’t getting frustrated. Sometimes time is an issue, and in those cases stick to the main mission objectives.

double dragon neonSTEALING LIVES:
Were you that little twerp back in the day who’d steal your buddies lives without letting him know it? If you ever played Contra you know exactly what I’m talking about. It’s best to either ask your buddy or notify them that you’ve stolen one of their lives. Obviously you’re the shittier player so you need to be cool about grabbing that extra life. Do yourself and your buddy a favor and let them know when you do.

There’s nothing more frustrating then when your partner jumps way ahead of you in the game and you’re stuck in some compromising position, get stuck, or worse you lose your life cause your character fell off the screen. It’s best to work on each platform together so that no one gets left behind. This method also helps teammates share gaming tips. Taking consecutive turns is usually the best method to keep things flowing smoothly.

Obviously you’re playing as a team, and as a team you want to work together to best complete each level. As a general rule its best to let the player with the lowest health grab life potions up until the point that they’ve got equal health as their partner. This works very well when trying to maximize lives for completing long levels and defeating end bosses. Generally it’s easier to beat an end boss with two players vs just one.

And finally the most important instrument, the gamepad. Yes we’ve all been there, you got handed that shitty 2nd controller. It really sucks when you’re rocking that one controller that has been beaten to shit, buttons sticking and has no grip. Or even worse you get handed that aftermarket POS knockoff that feels like a Fisher Price toy. So what do you do? You have two options, suck it up and don’t say anything or bring your own controller next time.