1980 a Historic Year for Arcade Gaming

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1980 may be considered one of the most Historic Years for Video Gaming, and here’s why.

- May, Namco releases Pac-Man. It becomes their biggest selling game of all time.
- July, Atari releases Missile Command. Considered one of the greatest classic video games of all time.
- October, Atari releases Tempest. Influenced the careers of several notable video game designers
- Williams Electronics releases Defender. Considered one of the most difficult arcade games ever.
- Atari releases Centipede. Is #10 on the KLOV’s list of most popular games, tied with Tempest.

Retro Gaming junkie who grew up in the early 80's playing classic arcade, console and PC games. Lived through each generation of video gaming history, and I continue to play the classics today.
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